Now read what students and parents have said about training at our Center.

Mrs. T.

"My daughter was bullied and harassed last school year. The results from being physically hit and harassed everyday resulted us in spending all summer going to chiropractor and counseling appointments. Since the diplomatic approach to resolving this with the principal and teachers didn’t work, I decided she needed to learn to defend herself. After hearing our story, Mr. Ware made it his mission to ensure that my daughter would be ready for the new school year.

An amazing thing happens when bullies realize that their target can handle themselves...they move on to another victim. My daughter has had to defend herself twice since the new school year began. Needless to say, she now has absolutely NO problems out of those classmates.

In four months, my daughter has gone from being timid and afraid to assured and very confident, and I give all the credit to the training that she received from Mr. Kenneth Ware at the Cincinnati Kung Fu & Tai Chi Center. Thank you just does not seem adequate enough to convey my appreciation."

Rowan O.

"I like kung fu because it gives me energy and keeps me healthy. I like Shih-Ye as my teacher because he corrects me when my technique is wrong and compliments me when I do my forms correctly. He always pushes me to do better. I like my class because my classmates encourage me and I encourage them, and they are very friendly."

Mr. and Mrs. O.

"Both of our daughters are students of Shih-Fu Kenneth Ware and each started when they were 5 years old. They enjoy their kungfu classes and look forward to attending them on a regular basis. Shih-Ye is excellent in teaching kids the art of kung-fu and intuitively knows when and how to achieve results from kids. Watching him teach is like watching him do kung-fu: pushing, pulling, hard, soft. As parents, we are grateful that Shih-Fu inculcates in his students both skillful learning and pride in their achievement. Just as he expects excellence from our kids in kung-fu, so does he expect excellence from them in their academic schooling. He regularly asks them about their progress in school and rewards them for achieving excellent results in their report cards. A common refrain in our household now when report cards come home is, "I want to show my report card to Shih-Fu!" 

Ron C.

"Since I started kung-fu it has only brought out the best in me, which required a personal investment of learning the real definition of hardwork, commitment, and discipline. After learning these lessons I am confident I can tackle any problem because I am going to give it my all. For me, the physical benefits of kung-fu are just a bonus. It takes an excellent teacher to provide these lessons and Shih-Fu Ware is nothing short of being an excellent treacher."

James B.

"I can easily say that the time I’ve spent studying under Shih-Fu Kenneth Ware has been a life-changing experience. In fact, it is difficult for me to imagine my life without having walked into Shih-Fu Ware’s school.

I have not only been instructed in, with a staggering attention to detail, the ancient art of Chinese Kung-Fu and Tai-Chi Chuan, but I have also been exposed to the true essence of the 'student-teacher' experience. Shih-Fu Ware is committed to teaching martial arts in the same manner that he was instructed, and in the manner that it has always been taught from generation to generation. Humility and a student’s character are prized above all other attainments. And under the patient and caring watch of such a gifted teacher, the attainments no doubt accrue!

Shih-Fu Kenneth Ware’s knowledge seems inexhaustible. The messages interwoven in his teachings, whether he is correcting a small motion, teaching meditation, explaining fighting, or making us laugh are applicable to all areas of one’s life and are ultimately tied into a universal awareness that can help one understand life’s ebb and flow.

Furthermore, Shih-Fu Kenneth Ware has advised me and my family members on ways in which to heal our bodies and minds.

His selfless contribution to the quality of my life is immeasurable, and though the road is not easy, the example set by Shih-Fu Kenneth Ware has left an indelible mark on my life.”

Mia B.

"My name is Mia, and I have Diabetes. I started taking Tai-Chi because I wanted to control the disease. When I was first diagnosed, I was 8 years old. My life expectancy back then was 20 years. I have had diabetes for 33 years now, and because of Tai-Chi and the help of Shih-Fu, I have not had any of the problems that usually surface.

"Tai-Chi helps my circulation and stimulates my organs to make them stronger and healthier. Qi-Gong and Nei-Gong help me boost my immune system and heal myself when an ailment arises. Tai-Chi not only encompasses the health aspect, but Shih-Fu has also taught me techniques to relax myself, focus, protect myself. Tai-Chi is one of the most important preventative methods for preventing the progression of this disease and is essential for a safe, happy and prosperous life."

Tami A.

" ' When the student is ready, the teacher will appear...' that's how it was for me 13 years ago. All I knew about Tai-Chi was what I'd seen in movies. Whenever I saw it, something stirred inside me...a desire to know more. I knew there was something special about it, something more than just slow movements. So, when the opportunity to take Tai-Chi came, I took it without hesitation. I quickly learned that what I'd seen in movies was just a very small tip of the iceberg and that Tai-Chi was indeed something
very special.

The thing that makes Tai-Chi here so special is that Shih-Fu doesn't just focus on the physical. His focus is on the student as a whole. He encourages us to see beyond ourselves...to grow as individuals through the practice of Tai Chi, Qi-Gong and Meditation and to take what we learn and apply it to our daily lives. By doing so, I've benefited both physically and mentally as well as spiritually. I've become a much calmer,
more patient and empathetic person. My desire to help others has become even greater through Shih-Fu's teachings and the practice of Tai-Chi.

I am grateful that when the opportunity came for me to take Tai-Chi, Shih-Fu was the teacher. It has made all the difference. 'When the student is ready...' "

Joani B.

"I was first introduced to Shih-Fu Kenneth Ware by my son, who has been studying kung-fu for four years. More recently he began to study tai-chi and encouraged me take it with him. I had taken self defense class with Shih-Fu twice before and enjoyed the class and Shih-Fu's teaching style. Learning how to defend myself and to have an increased awareness about my relation to others and the world at large gave me a sense of confidence and a power that I did not know before."

I began to study tai-chi last April and in just that short amount of time, I know that Shih-Fu has taught me to be open to all the possibilities that abound in this world of ours. The CKTC center attracts a special group of people who are drawn to Shih-Fu and his traditional Chinese teaching style. Shih-Fu cares deeply for his students and it is his hope for us is to become our best selves. He is a willing teacher and has so much to share with his students who are serious about their martial art, dedicated to learning and to practicing.

The center provides a safe environment for opening oneself to a new awareness of self, others, and the the universe through the martial art of kung-fu and tai-chi. It has been an honor to be taught by Shih-Fu Kenneth Ware."

Annie H.

"I have been a student of Yang Style Tai-Chi at the Cincinnati Kung-Fu and Tai-Chi Center for more than five years under the guidance of Shih-Fu Kenneth Ware.

Shih-Fu Ware is very knowledgeable and inspiring. Over the years I have seen students come and go, some always when in need of Shih-Fu's special knowledge and attention to detail which help them improve and get better whatever their situation.

While searching for a martial art to study, I did try one but did not feel at ease. Then I found the Cincinnati Kung-Fu and Tai-Chi Center. The atmosphere at the Center was and is very inviting, serious with a purpose and enjoyable. These are a reflection of our Shih-Fu.

There are no frills, because the frills are in the lessons of the heart. Shih-Fu Ware stresses the total being (mind, heart, spirit) and encourages all of his students to continue seeking beyond the classes by incorporating these values into their everyday life.

Shih-Fu Kenneth Ware has inspired and empowered me to think of a future in Yang Style Tai-Chi as taught at the Cincinnati Kung-Fu and Tai-Chi Center."

Siddharth D. (8 years old)

"Dear Shih-Fu,

I like Kung-Fu. I like how Shih-Fu teaches us new forms and techniques. I like Kung-Fu because it builds up your brain power, and strength, and it helps you focus.


Samir and Rama D.

"Our son Siddharth became a student of the Cincinnati Kung-Fu and Tai-Chi Center when he was 4 years old. Over the years, we have been very impressed with the quality of Kung-Fu he has learned. Shih-Fu Ware's attention to detail is amazing. Along with Kung-Fu, he also encourages them in their school work. He is dedicated to their overall development as human beings. And that is what makes this school a great place of learning."


"Day to day, I was just existing because I was always depressed, withdrawn, and
disappointed with life. But one sweet cool day in November of 2004, I laid my eyes on Shih-Fu Ware or maybe he saw me first. He must have seen a hurt soul in need of immediate help because he pulled aside to offer me a free class at his school, The Cincinnati Kung-Fu and Tai-Chi Center.

After about a week of classes, I began to notice my outlook on life was changing for the  positive. I started to gain confidence and self awareness. Most importantly I thanked God that I met Shih-Fu. As he teaches the students the different moves and techniques, he stands next to you zooming in on each detail like the precision of a surgeon for any mistakes. This is where the exchange of love occurs between teacher and pupil. However, this was a foreign interaction for me because I never met anyone who cared enough to rigorously correct me time after time until closest to perfection. Shih-Fu Ware’s style of teaching consists of dedication that never falters or tires. He is truly an amazing teacher. As far as I am concerned there may only be a handful of teachers of his caliber in the country.

Right away, Shih-Fu Ware taught me moves that controlled my tension and stress. On top of that, he also took the time to talk to me about what I was upset. I explained how I had endured many struggles growing up in an abusive family environment. At that moment he gave me hope that Tai-Chi could make me a better person. I also sensed he had a skill of seeing the light in people even though they could not see it for themselves. Thirdly, he also offered me free classes because of my low income. He did not like turning students away who truly wanted to learn. His emphasis is quality of instruction verses the quantity of students."

Eventually after years of studying at the Center, I caught on that the same kindness Shih- Fu Ware showed me in the beginning, so freely and without hesitation is what he does for  all his students. Our teacher has such a big heart that on two separate occasions when he bought new cars – Shih-Fu Ware simply gave away Lincoln Town cars to teenagers who needed them for college. Every year, the Center hosts a Christmas charity drive where all students must donate toys, clothes, and food. One year, Shih-Fu Ware watched a HBO special about very disadvantaged children in Mississippi who could not attend school
because they could not afford paper and pencils. Consequently, Shih-Fu Ware was able to get a truckload of supplies with the help of all the students in Cincinnati and across the U.S. to be sent to Mississippi. When you have a champion of a teacher technically,  emotionally and intellectually, there is no way that the students in the Center can loose.  Furthermore, it is also the community around the Center that is also benefiting from our teacher’s brilliance.

After years of practicing Tai-Chi, I have a passion for life. I look forward to each day because Tai-Chi is slow yet satisfying like life. I have seen doctors and therapists but none have helped me like our teacher. The dosages of my medications have been decreased and each day is more consistent. Tai-Chi truly helps to stabilize my mood and  Qi-Gong has a way of calming my racing thoughts. Being able to execute these complex,  ancient and beautiful martial arts also makes me feel like I can accomplish anything  internally, emotionally, physically. And with a great teacher leading the classes with the courage to push every student to reach for the stars, he is producing champions and  better citizens. I do not know where I would be if I never came to the Cincinnati Kung-Fu and Tai-Chi Center. It is truly one of the hidden treasures in Cincinnati and Shih-Fu is secretly one of the most valuable assets in our community."

Mike K.

"I have always been deeply interested in the Mind-Body-Spirit connection. That interest led me initially to yoga in 1986. When I moved to Cincinnati, I wanted to complement that practice with the other famous Mind-Body-Spirit practices of Tai-Chi and Qi-Kung.

I really wasn't interested in the martial aspect of the art. I was not looking for a way to fight an enemy. Like many people, I live in a face-paced, stress-filled world. What I wanted was something to help me to be more centered and more relaxed in every aspect of life. One of the best antidotes that I know is Tai-Chi. This slow moving martial art helps me deal with the real opponent - not someone on the street, but myself. Over time, I am learning to overcome the high-paced with the slow and focused. Inner tensions are being turned into calm and relaxation. The desire for the quick success is being transformed into a pursuit of the
subtleties of the art"

"Shih-Fu Kenneth Ware teaches to the highest standards and wants his students to excel. He knows the benefits of extensive practice and wants to share those benefits with his students. He has studied with the famous Grandmaster Huang (being one of his early students) and continues to pass on this ancient art in the traditional manner. It is evident that Shih-Fu Ware has an incredible passion for Tai-Chi and Kung-Fu. What also comes across is that he really cares deeply about his students. What an incredible combination."