Programs Offered

We offer a variety of traditional training focused on improving the health of one's body and mind.

**There is a school uniform required all Tai-Chi and Kung-Fu Programs.**

Yang Style Tai-Chi Chuan, Qi-Gong and Meditation (adults only)

Tai-Chi is quickly growing in popularity here in the U.S. It is estimated that literally tens of millions of people practice Tai-Chi worldwide daily. It is quickly becoming the aerobics of the new millennium. Tai-Chi helps to rebuild one’s body, mind and spirit as it removes negative energy along the meridians (pathways) of true health, fitness and wellness. Tai-Chi helps to quicken blood circulation as it brings about peace of mind (stress relief). The respiratory system is stimulated by this slow, deep breathing which is linked with form or movement. The movements of Tai-Chi are purposely slow and even, which causes the practitioner to become more deliberate in all their other thoughts and actions, as well as, increasing balance. Our Tai-Chi program has been featured on WKRC-TV dealing with stress.

Also, the students will learn several different pushing hands, the long form and possibly weapons training. Qi-Gong is a relatively new art here in the U.S. Its origins are Taoist in nature. All Chinese martial arts have their own form of martial Qi-Gong.

This course will teach HEALING QI-GONG, which can enhance your health and vitality. The movements of Qi-Gong are slow and limbering. When combined with proper breathing and mental conceptions, healing energy may be realized by those who give Qi-Gong dedication. Taoist Meditation will also be taught in this class to enhance the opening meridians to further facilitate the flow of CHI in one's body. Initially Huen Yen Chuang standing meditation will be taught, then as the student shows progress we will move to more advanced meditations relating to the microcosmic orbits and macro cosmic orbits.

Shih-Fu Ware has taught Tai-Chi and Qi-Gong Techniques at some of Cincinnati's largest companies including:

  • Ford Motor Company
  • General Electric Aircraft Engines
  • American Airlines
  • Procter & Gamble

Shih-Fu Ware also teaches:

  • 8 piece Brocade
  • Tai-Chi Weapons
    A.) Straight Sword
    B.) Broad Sword
  • Health Qi-Gong
  • Martial Qi-Gong
  • Intellectual Qi-Gong

Celestial Mountain Northern Style Kung-Fu (Youths, Teens & Adults)

Celestial Mountain Northern Style Kung-Fu is a very comprehensive school of Chinese martial arts training,  teaching elements of Qi- Gong, Chin-Na (grappling) and the traditional Chinese weapons. The advanced student also learns the rare Chinese martial arts of BaGua and Xing Yi. With this diverse training, the student has knowledge of yin and yang forces, often characterized as hard and soft and as external and internal. Our system has characteristics of both long-reach as well as short-reach techniques combined with angular striking coupled with circular movement. The graceful but effective forms of our system provide a high level of physical fitness as it tones and firms. Students will learn a variety of open hand as well as weapon, single and two person routines (forms).

Personal Self Defense

This is a comprehensive, hands-on training course designed to EMPOWER people. This course has been successfully taught at General Hebrew Union College, Miami University and in a host of churches and other groups in the community. We also have been featured on WKRC-TV demonstrating the effectiveness of this training. This course is focused on technique rather than strength, making it easy for anyone of any age or strength level to defend and escape from an attacker regardless of the attacker's size or strength. Designed to be conducted over four consecutive Saturdays, this course will cover:

Week 1-Defense against frontal chokes and grabs

Week 2-Defense against hand, wrist and arm grabs

Week 3-Defense against rear chokes and grabs

Week 4-Defense against knife attack

We have found it helpful if this course is taken in pairs-such as mothers and daughters, husbands and wives or just friends. Uniform is not required, but loose, comfortable clothing is suggested. We also recommend you bring paper and pen making it easier to review the  course material at a later date.

Tai-Bo Fitness (Teens 16 yrs & up and Adults Only)

This class is intended to help maintain a healthy cardiovascular system (heart). Clients start in our beginners program and gradually increase the intensity of their workouts. We can offer day, evening and weekend classes. This is a less formal but fun workout that will help you reach fitness goals in a relatively short period.

Corporate Wellness Programs

We offer several options to corporations. We can deliver on-site seminars or courses on such topics as STRESS RELIEF, HEALING QI-GONG, TAI-CHI & SELF DEFENSE that can be targeted to all employees or gender specific. These programs can be modified to fit your needs, whether a seminar of several hours or a much longer termed course.