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Welcome to the Cincinnati Kung-Fu & Tai-Chi Center, Cincinnati's most authentic Chinese martial arts school.

Shih-Fu Kenneth Ware teaches Yang Style Tai-Chi, Qi-Gong, Taoist Meditation and Celestial Mountain Northern Style Kung-Fu. The Cincinnati Kung-Fu & Tai-Chi Center offers youth, teen and adult Kung-Fu as well as adult Tai-Chi, Tai-Bo Fitness, private instruction and corporate Wellness programs. 

 Shih-Fu Kenneth Ware has taught/demonstrated at these schools and businesses:

General Electric Aircraft
Ford Motor Company
Proctor and Gamble
University of Cincinnati
Xavier University
Miami University
Hebrew Union College
School for Creative and Performing Arts
Cincinnati Country Day
Bethany School
Summit Country Day School

Shih Fu Kenneth Ware, 65th Generation Kuoshu practitioner, has trained for over 30 years with Shi-Fu WEE Her Huang in Tai-Chi Chuan, Kung-Fu, Qi-Gong and Taoist Meditation. Shih-Fu Ware is also a Kriya Yoga Disciple, which is the practice of Supreme Masters Babaji and Yogananda.

Furthermore, after a nation wide search, Shih-Fu Ware was 1 of 4 Americans selected for specialized healers training by a Curandero Shaman. Shih-Fu Ware also received instruction from Professor Ming Pang, the originator of Zhineng Qigong.

Our Tai-Chi Program offers a means to rebuild one's body, mind and spirit as it removes negative energy along the meridians (pathways) of true health, fitness and wellness.

Celestial Mountain Northern Style Kung-Fu is a very comprehensive school of Chinese martial arts training, teaching not only the  Celestial Mountian arts, but Qi- Gong, Chin-Na (grappling) and the  traditional Chinese weapons. Advanced students also learn the rare Chinese martial arts of BaGua and Xing Yi.

Other programs include Personal Self-Defense, a comprehensive, hands-on training course designed to EMPOWER people, Tai-Bo Fitness,  which helps students maintain a healthy cardiovascular system and
Corporate Wellness Seminars. 

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